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Frequently Asked Questions

Once payment has cleared, purchases are processed within 24-48hrs.

We ship all firearms and accessories via FedEx. Shipping typically takes up to 10 business days.

No, all firearms must be shipped to a verified FFL (Federal Firearm License) holder.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and checks.

At this time we do not accept in-person pickups. We will ship all firearms to an FFL dealer near you, and all other items to your chosen address.

There are ten categories of persons who are not eligible to purchase or possess a firearm under federal law (Title 18, United States Code 922(g)(1)-(9), (n)).  They are:

  1. Convicted of a felony (or equivalent)
  2. Fugitive from justice
  3. Unlawful user or addicted to a controlled substance
  4. Adjudicated mentally defective or involuntarily committed to treatment
  5. Illegal alien
  6. Dishonorable discharge from the US Armed Forces
  7. Renounced United States citizenship
  8. Active protection order (restraining order, injunction for protection, etc.)
  9. Convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence
  10. Under indictment or information for a felony

Additionally, you must meet your State’s requirements for purchasing a firearm. Please refer to your State’s website for further information.

Please check your state laws before purchasing a firearm. SEC Guns will not be held responsible for any firearms that are rejected to FFL dealers should the state prohibit the firearm or accessory.

If the firearm is DENIED transfer to you it will be your responsibility to have your FFL dealer dispose of the firearm. You also have the option of having them ship firearm back to us for a partial refund.(Restocking fees will be applied: Restocking fees of a minimum $150 or 30% of the purchased price (whatever greater) will be deducted from the refund amount.)

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