Clenzoil Field & Range Foaming Aerosol


Clenzoil Field & Range Foaming Aerosol is a high quality, one-step cleaner, lubricant, protectant and rust inhibitor for Lock, Stock, and Barrel. It effectively removes oils, copper, lead, and other contaminants. It provides a thin, non-greasy coating that prevents rust and lubricates all moving parts of firearms and sporting equipment. Clenzoil will not harm polymers or other synthetic surfaces. This proprietary foaming aerosol does not use flammable or moisture laden propellants. The unique dual-purpose vortex spray head can apply a consistent surface coating when sprayed from a distance of 4-6″. When applied from a distance of 2″ or less, the product will foam into a thick lather that will work its way into small hard to reach areas, lifting and separating grime and other contaminants from the surface. Not recommended for painted surfaces.

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Brand Clenzoil
Category Cleaning Solvents & Lubricants
Model Field & Range
Size 4 oz
Suitable For Wooden Gun Stocks
Protects Cleans / Lubricates / Protects
Dispenser Type Aerosol

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