Hogue AK-47/AK-74 Over molded Handguard Kit (Longer Yugo Version)


-There are many variations of the AK made by numerous countries, the Hogue forend and pistol grip will fit nearly all, some may need minor fitting and or modifications.

-The forend will work with an under folder stock.

-The Yugo model forend 6 1/2″is approximately one half inch longer than the Chinese/Russian model at 6″. (measured between the metal retaining ferrel and the receiver)

-The hand guard(top of forend)is approximately 4″ long on the Chinese/Russian model and 4 15/16″ on the Yugo model. (measured between the metal hand guard retaining ferrels on the gas piston tube)

-The forend does not fit the Saiga sporter rifle without modification to the rifle and will not fit the Saiga 12.

-The lower handguard does not use the Ferrule that comes with the wood and some polymer furniture. This Ferrule needs to be removed from the rifle before the lower handguard is installed.

– SAIGA -The pistol grip may need material removed from inside the grip to fit some Saiga to AK conversion trigger guards.

-A Saiga rifle does not come with a “T” nut. A “T” nut will need to be purchased for most Saiga conversions. Some countries and manufactures make a “Long” “T” nut, The long nut will not work with the Hogue grip unless modified. Shortening the nut or purchasing the short version is required.

-A picatinny rail top cover is included with the Chinese/Russian Kit and is not available for the Yugo model.

-AMD65: Requires a Chinese/Russian length forend.

-Pap M85 and M92 pistols are neither fully Yugo or fully Chinese/Russian. The Yugo Top fits and the Chinese/Russian bottom forend is the closest to fitting on the bottom. Some people have reported that modification is necessary and some say it just drops right in. We have not had one to evaluate the fit on and cannot provide exact answers.

-Heat shield is made from black anodized aluminum.

-The pistol Grip requires the use of the supplied short screw, do not use the OEM long screw. The OEM “T” nut is retained.

-A 9/64″ allen wrench is used for the rails on the forend

Pistol grip weighs 3.3 ounces

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Color: Tan

Gun Make: Kalashnikov

Gun Model: AK-47 , AK-74

Included Accessories: Standard

MPN: 74314

UPC: 743108743140

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